Welcome to The Rising

Welcome to The Rising website debut! For the first time ever, we are making the facts known to all who will listen – the ugly truth about about humanity’s corruption and our eminent battle for survival against its greatest enemy, the Wraiths.

While the struggle has been raging for thousands of years between Seers, Wraiths, and humanity itself, it has all come to a head now. The Wraiths have strongholds over every government in the world, working within our own systems to sew the seeds of demise. We have evidence that they will soon make a play for power, and in so doing, they will wipe out most of the human race. This cannot happen!

We cannot afford to sit back and watch passively anymore! The time has come to band  together and prevent the very thing we all fear most – our own destruction.

We encourage you to read our stories – both historical and present day accounts, and learn the awful truth. It’s been under your nose the whole time….

The eBook The Rising will be released in Mid-November 2011, but you can get a head start by reading about our cause. Furthermore, join us for a 12 week journey – Risk’s story begins on October 31st.

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