In this modern world of mass communication and advanced technology, a brutal war rages between the Seers and the Wraiths behind international cover-ups and deception. We, as humans, must face our greatest fears and come to terms with the truth. Whether we like it or not, we are confronted a global conspiracy as old as humanity itself. Those who have joined our cause at The Rising know what must be done to save humanity, and are willing to pay the ultimate price. The Wraiths must fall from power and never be allowed to ascend again.

This is not a simple struggle between good and evil; it is a fight for survival.

Falsely branded Terrorists by almost every nation, The Rising fight a guerrilla war against a horrifying menace that few know exist. Techies, academics, politicians, journalists, ex-military personnel, scientists and regular people from all walks of life have joined in our fight because they know the truth. The Seers fight with us because if they do not, they will be killed.

Would you fight if you knew the truth?

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