What is the Rising?

The Rising is an organization made up of both ordinary people and genetically unique warriors known as Seers. The Rising is dedicated to the preservation and advancement of human society, and the destruction of the Wraiths and the power structures that serve them.

What are Seers?

Seers are humans that have heightened ESP abilities and lightning fast reflexes. They are born randomly into the population and have anomalies in their DNA still not fully understood by science. The Wraiths want them dead because they are able to “feel” the presence of Wraiths. Given a choice between exile and death, the Seers fight back.

What are Wraiths?

The Wraiths are shaman who once shared caves with their fellow humans. Wise, trusted and revered, their kind protected and served humanity with their sixth sense and telepathic powers. However, as humans moved out of caves and into organized societies, the elitist spiritual talents of the Wraiths clashed with the greed and purpose of the new human leaders. Their inbred deformities and spiritual skills were denounced as evil, and they were cast out.

These shamans survived for generations in the shadows of humanity in hidden clusters, becoming known eventually as Wraiths. Protected at first by Seers, and masked as lepers, the Wraiths moved back into human cities, creating secret societies that exploited human greed, amassing wealth and invisible power, always with their twisted eyes on revenge.

What Happened?

Eventually, the Seers no longer shared a common view of humanity with the Wraiths. They disagreed with what the Wraiths called the Retribution, the ultimate destruction of human society, after which the Wraiths plan to rise to supreme power. War was declared on the Seers and hundreds of years ago, The Rising was formed, a group of academics, scientists, military operatives, religious leaders, activists and Seers all working to bring down the stranglehold the Wraiths had on the world.

Is this real?

Reality is something you must construct for yourself. We offer only direction at this point.

How can I help?

Read the eBook, The Rising, Join the newsletter, and browse the contents of this site. If you are still convinced the Retribution is not real, then you have nothing to worry about.

If you believe us, then maybe it’s time to do something about it….

Can I join the Rising?

Anyone can be a member of The Rising. The only requirement for membership is a desire to rid the world of the Wraiths and free humanity. Our membership is declared, not earned or appointed.

In fact, you can JOIN US now.

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