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Who really owns the banks, stock exchanges, global trust and security funds, technology, military and medical research facilities?  Who controls the Internet and the media? Who runs the secret societies that recruit power hungry politicians, judges, generals and government bureaucrats? Who are humanity’s real masters?

There are no reptilian new world orders, Illuminati or alien invaders. There are only Wraiths.

Brought up in remote places, Snow has been groomed for a destiny she doesn’t yet understand. She is one of the world’s foremost computer hackers and an intuitively skilled fighter. When her father is killed in Africa by US Special Forces, Snow travels to Los Angeles, determined to find answers and make contact with an underground resistance group called The Rising, a global syndicate of unlikely rebels comprised of ex-military operatives, techies, academics and genetically gifted assassins known as Seers – the people her father had sworn his life to protect.

Snow must face her greatest fears and come to terms with the truth about her origins, as she is plunged deep into the heart of a global conspiracy and a war that has raged for thousands of years. Suddenly, she becomes a major player in an intricate web of financial and political deceit orchestrated by the horrifying and secretive Wraiths, a genetic strand of humanity thought to be long extinct. All that stands between the Wraiths and a devastating apocalypse, their final Retribution against humanity, is Snow – and The Rising.

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